Zack Khan entrena piernas por Milos Sarcev

    Legs Workout

    Right off the airplane (I just got back from England…and had this leg training scheduled in advance…).
    We started with usual warm up – superset: leg extensions/leg presses

    Than we went straight into our FIRST GIANT SETS ROTATION:

    1- Super slow/low Smith Machine Squats (without ever locking the knees on the way up)
    2- Walking Lunges (10 reps each leg…40/45/50 or 55 lbs dumbbells)
    3- Leg Press
    4- Leg Extensions – with three seconds contraction at the top
    5- Walking Lunges back to the Smith Machine

    We did 4 GIANT SETS (repeating all 5 exercises 4 times…thus – 4 giant sets)

    SECOND GIANT SET ROTATION (4 exercises in each rotation…Total of three GIANT SETS)

    1- Sissy Squats on Hack Machine
    2- Front Squats (with complete pause for three seconds in bottom position)
    3- Smith Machine Lunges
    4- Leg Presses

    In each succeeding rotation (giant set) we would INCREASE the load (weights)…

    Final – THIRD ROTATION (GIANT SETS) – 4 different exercises:

    1- Deep squats (with three second pause on the bottom)
    2- Hack Squats (with vastus medialis touching /knees together/ and standing on the ball of the foot /heels off the platform)
    3- Leg Press (10 seconds down + 10 seconds up)
    4- Leg Extensions

    We did three giant sets…and collectively decided to skip my fourth rotation…